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Marvin Windows & Doors

A.W. Hastings



We created a suite of digital tools carefully integrated into the physical showroom allowing customers unprecedented control over the products they see - any option, finish, hardware - and any size or combination of windows demonstrated instantly before them.

Our Solution

Customers need to be able to contextualize these products: feel the sumptuous materials, stand in front of a dozen-foot-wide row of windows, and see with their own eyes the impact of Marvin’s custom-made windows and doors.


In the world of high-end domestic architecture, windows and doors are often an afterthought, only considered at the tail end of the project. Marvin wanted to demonstrate their ability to define a space and shape a room with light; to become a centerpiece for a structure.


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These tools, combined with the physical showroom and its robust unifying technology ecosystem, allowed 7 Tide to become part of Marvin’s customers' design process, demonstrating the power of their products to shape a space like never before, all while gaining valuable insight and data along the way.

The second experience takes the user into a room in which the brand ambassador, by means of a tailored iPad app, can create for them a true 1:1 scale rendition of their customized Marvin window and door products on a 10-by-14-foot projection wall.

The first experience is an interactive table that connects the handling of physical material samples from Marvin's luxurious product lines to an intuitive software system, which uses those very materials to build a custom 3D virtual product to the user's specifications.

While the technological side of the brand experience center involves an interconnected network of systems that manage user registration, management, and post-visit experience, it centers around two key experiences in the space itself.

Marvin's showroom at 7 Tide in Boston is a space that weaves a traditional product showcase experience together with innovative digital tools, all built from the ground up by Showroom. 


One of the most commendable aspects of their work is the proactive approach to understanding their client’s needs. They acquire a deep understanding of industry trends and challenges leading to innovative and creative digital experiences.”

Keenan Burns

Vice President Business Integration



We took that as a challenge to find a way to not only add some flair and panache to the space but also make it a destination for customers and designers - integrating useful and helpful digital tools into the traditional physical showroom space.

They wanted to create an experience that would shift the customer’s consideration of windows and doors from a late-stage afterthought to a centerpiece for their homes. 

A.W. Hastings, the northeastern distributor for Marvin Windows & Doors, came to us when they were planning their flagship Boston showroom because they wanted it to be something more than merely a museum of their wares.


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UX & Design

Given the breadth of the brief from Hastings, our initial brainstorms produced a variety of ideas for digital integrations, but two stood out from the crowd. Both ideas revolved around leveraging and demonstrating the customizability of Marvin's products, allowing the user to experience the breadth of possibilities firsthand.