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Delta Airlines,

Madison Square Garden



We created two key pieces of software - an intricate, modular display system that could adapt itself to any event at the Garden and a hand-built Content Management System to give Delta complete control over the display.

Our Solution

In order to capture the attention of stadium guests, Delta needed its activation to be relevant, to react to and integrate with its environment. It needed to capture and reflect the excitement of the sports fans and showgoers walking past it.


Delta Airlines had a digital display wall inside Madison Square Garden, but they needed more purposeful content with which to leverage this prime location.


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The entire system was programmable via a robust Content Management System, wherein events could be scheduled and managed, content moderated, promotions added, polls posted, and live or pre-recorded video piped through.

Delta Gateway was a permanent video installation at Madison Square Garden, a reactive system leveraging a wealth of APIs to show up-to-date information relevant to a basketball game, hockey game, or concert.

Through on-screen prompts, visitors could petition Delta for a “set upgrade” using their Skymiles account, and through touch-activated side screens, even get help finding their seats.


The colors would change for a Knicks, Rangers, or Liberty game, live videos and scores would in the forefront, all the while Delta could mix in promos, polls, social feeds, even historical tidbits, to make the experience engaging for visitors.

As the goal was to make the information shown on the display timely and relevant, the system was designed to be modular with different configurations for everything from pre-game to postgame, events to promos - while still being customizable.

Relevant Information

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Flanking the main video display were touchscreen stations provided by Delta upon which visitors could get directions to their seats, providing an interactive map of the entire stadium and giving visitors another chance to earn Skymiles or other rewards.


Built from the ground up, this CMS allowed Delta to not only react to events as they were ongoing but also plan their content as far ahead of time; customizing the content, screen layouts, video feeds, promotions, polls, and social feeds for events now or far in the future.

The event-based nature of this project’s setting lent an obvious paradigm to the Content Management System to make it intuitive and simple - a calendar.


Whether fulfilling a user need or enriching an experience, Showroom develops products and solutions that merge physical and digital spaces.”

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